IMS Physical Organization of Databases Workshop - CM22G

IMS Physical Organization of Databases Workshop - CM22G


This is a basic level course for database administrators, system programmers, and other data administration individuals, who design, implement, and maintain IMS databases.


You should have a basic understanding of IMS database features and organization along with a working knowledge of z/OS tools, Virtual Storage Access Method (VSAM) services utilities, and Job Control Language (JCL).


4 days.

Course Objectives

Learn how to design, implement, reorganize, and recover Information Management System (IMS) databases. Practice these skills in intensive machine labs.

Course Content

Introduction to DL/I
IMS Access Methods
IMS Test Utility: DFSDDLT0
HD Access Methods
Database Reorganization
IMS Data Sets Summary
Secondary Indexing
Database Recovery
Database Design Considerations
IMS Space Utilization
Code the Database Directories (DBD) and Program Specification Blocks (PSB) for physical databases
Code the DBDs and PSBs to implement secondary indexing
Use the appropriate IMS utilities to reorganize and recover physical databases, including those with secondary indexes
Use the DL/I test program
Prepare a job stream to load a database using different IMS access methods

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