Reporting Authoring Against Dimensional Data

Reporting Authoring Against Dimensional Data


Users who need to create and develop reports (authors) within IBM Cognos Analytics Reporting against a dimensional data source. This course is provided to give new users of Cognos Analytics an overview of the user interface, together with in depth knowledge of basic and more advanced authoring techniques and functions against a Dimensional Data source.


None, however it would be beneficial to be familiar with a web browser and comfortable with using laptops/PC’s and a mouse.


3 days.

Course Objectives

  • To provide an Introduction to Business Intelligence/Analytics
  • To be able to describe how the various Cognos Analytical tools can be used against a typical BI requirement, overviews on Dashboards, Data Modules and Stories
  • To provide an overview of Reporting within Cognos Analytics
  • To develop a range of skills within Reporting that will enable the user to create/author reports, initially against a relational data source then more in-depth authoring against a cube/dimensional data

Course Content

Discuss and provide an overview of Business Analytics
Overview of Cognos Analytics, covering the Connection Portal, general navigation and understanding of the interface and features available within the analytics tool, an overview of Framework Manager is also provided
Introduction to the Reporting interface and overview of workshops
Understanding the differences between Relational/Dimensional techniques, creation of sql/mdx
Utilising and discussing various methods that can be used whilst building your reports
Creation of basic reports, introduction to lists, crosstabs and charts within Reporting
Setting up Drill-through reports and building reports from queries and using repeaters
Using insertable objects in your report and usage of various tools from within the toolbox
Creation of calculations and review of aggregation methods
Grouping and sorting your data
Dimensional Terminology and setting up the report context, filtering using dimensional techniques, including slicers and tuples
Utilising dimensional functions to assist with report development against a dimensional data source
Creating hard coded and parameterised filters and the creation of prompts and prompt pages
Setting up variables, general formatting and conditional formatting
Understanding hierarchies and drill down/up options, general navigation and intro to macro prompts
Overview of creating report templates and creating reports based on a specification
Course Review and Feedback, including recap and Q/A session

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