CICS Application Programming Advanced

CICS Application Programming Advanced


This course is intended for experienced CICS application programmers with a good basic understanding of CICS concepts and commands. Attending this class will lead to a better understanding of CICS application programming, at the advanced level, and a greater knowledge of the CICS application programming facilities.


Some experience of CICS application programming is assumed. Ideally, delegates will have attended our CICS Application Programming course.


4 days. Hands on.

This course is available on site only. Please call for details.

Course Objectives

This hands on course is designed to increase the knowledge and productivity of CICS application programmers by introducing advanced CICS programming concepts in temporary storage, transient data, interval control and many other CICS functions. Attendees will also be introduced to CICS design techniques, management of storage and task control which will help their development of advanced programming skills.

Course Content

Review of Basic CICS Concepts
Introduce the CICS environment and task management.
Pseudo-conversational programming.
COMMAREA concepts in multi-program systems.
Exception conditions handling.
Program control, BMS and File Control commands.
BMS definition macros.

Temporary Storage
Concepts and design.
Main vs. auxiliary storage.
Recovery and the TST.

Transient Data
Concepts and Design.
Commands and conditions.
Extra vs. Intra partition queues.
Trigger levels.
Indirect queues.

Advanced Program Control
INPUTMSC option.
Distributed Program Link.
LOAD command.

Interval Control
Timer concepts, Intervals vs. Time.
FORMATTIME options and uses.
Remote tasks.

Task Control
CICS Multitasking Concepts.
SUSPEND, ENQ and DEQ commands.

Storage Control
The CICS Dynamic Storage Area.
GETMAIN and addressing in CICS.
XA/ESA environments.

Logging by system.
Logging by task.
DTB backout, task recovery.
CICS system restart.
Designing for recovery.
Recoverable resources.

Spooler Interface
Spooler Interface.
Submitting job via Internal reader.

CICS Data Tables
User maintained and CICS maintained.

Advanced BMS
BMS Paging.
BMS Routing.

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