VME superNOVA Groundworks

VME superNOVA Groundworks


This course is for anyone new to the Fujitsu VME System. This can include new starters, application programmers, operation analysts and future technical support staff.


Delegates should have a basic understanding of computer programming essentials but this is not mandatory.


2 days. Hands on.

Course Objectives

For those people who will be working in applications development and technical support on the VME System, this course covers the basic concepts of VME and SCL, and enables delegates to use simple file handling facilities. It forms an important foundation that will be built upon as their VME training progresses.

Delegates will acquire the knowledge and skills to:

  • Run an interactive MAC session making effective using block structuring to control system resources.
  • Use the editing facilities available under VME.
  • Create and manipulate serial files using the relevant SCL commands.
  • Use the basic elements of the SCL language to write simple job control programs.
  • Introduce and use the libraries and file groups.

Course Content

Introduction to VME Hardware/Software.
Introduction to SCL and MAC use.
Editing Facilities (ED, SD, SCEF).
SCL Language Elements.
SCL File Handling.
Libraries and Groups.
Writing simple job control programs.
Introduction to SCL Programming.

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