VME Data Dictionary

VME Data Dictionary


VME staff who are going to use the Data Dictionary System and need a foundational introduction into IDMSX. The course is for delegates with little or no experience of the Data Dictionary, Databases and IDMSX. The course is aimed at database designers, technical support staff, and programmers.


An understanding of the VME system.


3 Days. Hands on.

Course Objectives

To enable students to use the Data Dictionary System and Data Dictionary Control Language to document, describe and enquire into processes and data.

Course Content

Basic concepts and facilities of the Data Dictionary System (DDS).
Elements and properties in both the business and computer halves of the dictionary.
Data Dictionary Control Language (DDCL).
Changing the documentation described in the DDS.
Define and use more complex recursive DDS structures.
Accessing a DDS in which privacy and multiple versions systems have been defined.
Using complex DDCL to enquire into linked elements and to produce selective listings of documentation.
IDMSX concepts and design.
IDMSX - interpreting data models, schema and subschema diagrams using Bachman diagrams and set structures.
IDMSX storage schema diagrams including set pointers.
IDMSX shared and unshared service modes.
IDMSX recovery and locking strategies.

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