VME COBOL Conversion

VME COBOL Conversion


This course is for applications developers required to write, maintain or support VME COBOL applications. It is also suitable for staff requiring a COBOL refresher course, or those who are unfamiliar with the VME system.


This is an intensive course where delegates should be computer professionals with an aptitude for programming. Experience with another programming language would be beneficial but not essential. Delegates who are very new to IT should consider the more comprehensive, leisurely paced COBOL for VME superNOVA.


5 days. Hands on.

Course Objectives

Delegates will learn to use all aspects of the COBOL language, along with the required SCL and Data Dictionary usage to input, compile, test and debug programs in a VME Environment.

Course Content

Introduction to COBOL.
Program Structure.

Data Definition
File Definitions.
Working Storage.
Internal Data Formats.

Procedure Division
Sequential File Handling.
Movement and conversion of Data.
Sequential File Handling.
Arithmetic verbs.
Sequence control statements.


Printing Considerations

Repeated Data Handling
Subscripting and Indexing.

Complex File Handling
Indexed Sequential Files.
I-O Error Handling.
Relative Files.

Modular Programming
Calling External Modules.
Writing External Modules.

COBOL / SCL Interface

Testing and Debugging
SCL usage.
COBOL Debugging Facilities.
Interactive Testing System.

Data Manipulation Commands

Sorting and Merging

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