Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

All staff must have access to this Environmental Policy through the staff information file held on computer. The Environmental Policy will be regularly referred to in decision-making and through team meetings. It is to be included during the induction of new staff. It shall be reviewed bi-annually.

Verhoef Training practises the principles of the 3Rs by:

  1. Reducing waste where possible by thinking about what we buy and how we use it. Non-essential documents and emails will not be printed. We will annually review which internal documents and external publications are essential, if they are not they will be cancelled thus reducing waste and saving money. We will endeavour to avoid disposable cups and food packaging bought by the office and for events. We will ensure all our printing and photocopying is done on double-sided paper.

  2. Re-use wherever possible by trying to find a second life for items especially paper and office stationery. Scrap paper will be used for taking messages and for writing notes or draft copies of documents. We are committed to the re-use of envelopes and packaging where possible.

  3. Recycle as the least preferred option of the 3Rs. All paper, card, glass, tin will be recycled. Toner cartridges and inkjets will also be recycled. If office furniture or IT equipment is being replaced then Verhoef Training will seek to have those items reused or recycled. We will use/support social economy organisations to recycle materials as appropriate.

  4. Verhoef Training will promote the use of cycling and walking as the main means of travel to local meetings, and use public transport where systems allow efficient use. For journeys that require the use of a car, car sharing will be encouraged.

  5. Verhoef Training will seek to minimise the use of energy in its activities. For example, lights and equipment will be switched on only when needed and not out of routine.

  6. Verhoef Training is open to suggestions from all employees on how to further decrease our environmental impact if you have any suggestions please speak with Caroline Boogaard, Office Manager.