Microsoft Azure Operations

Microsoft Azure Operations


This course is intended for IT professional technical specialists responsible for implementing and maintaining the IT environment.


A good administrator's background to Windows and Windows Server technology.


4 days. Hands on.

Course Objectives

Windows Azure helps IT Professionals to build a scalable infrastructure to their needs. It reduces costs for the overall IT platform and allows you to extend your environment very quickly whenever necessary. New virtual machines can be setup in minutes, while giving you the flexibility, scalability and high availability that you require. The cost of the IT infrastructure is reduced because you only pay for what you really use.

Course Content

Windows Azure Active directory
Identity Management in the Cloud.
Windows Azure AD Overview.
Windows Azure AD Editions.
Add your domain to Windows Azure AD.
User and Group Management.

Directory Synchronization.
Password Synchronization.
Installing and Configuring the DirSync Tool.

Single Sign-On and Federation
What is Federation?
Federation Scenarios.
Configuring Federation between On-prem AD and Azure AD with ADFS.

Multi-Factor Authentication
Multi-Factor Authentication for Azure AD.
Enable and Configure Multi-Factor Authentication.
App Passwords.
MFA for Office365.

Azure AD Application Proxy
Azure AD Application Proxy Overview.
Enable Application Proxy Services.
Publish Applications with Application Proxy.
Troubleshoot Application Proxy.

Windows Azure Overview for IT Professionals
Overview of Windows Azure.
Usage Scenarios.
Software as a Service (SaaS).
Platform as a Service (PaaS).
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

Windows Azure Features
Infrastructure Services.
Develop Modern Applications.
Insights from Data.
Identity and Access Management.

Managing Windows Azure
Azure Management Portal.
Managing Azure with PowerShell.
Azure Components.

Windows Azure Virtual Machines
Virtual Machines.
Creating VMs.
Managing Disks.
Cloud Services.
Set up a Web Farm in Windows Azure.
High Availability.

Windows Azure Virtual Network
Virtual Network Overview.
Virtual Network Design.
Site-to-Site Connection.
Point-to-Site Connection.
Name Resolution.

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