UNIX and Linux Audit and Security

UNIX and Linux Audit and Security


Security administrators, auditors and others who need to understand all aspects of security in a UNIX and/or Linux (Red Hat/SUSE) environment.


Attendees should be IT literate with a good understanding of similar topics in another operating environment. This course assumes no prior knowledge of UNIX or Linux.


3 days. Hands on.

Course Objectives

To provide staff new to UNIX and Linux with an extensive insight into all issues connected with security in a UNIX and Linux environment. Whilst this course covers many aspects of the operating environment itself, network security is considered to be a separate issue.  Delegates will be able to satisfactorily cope with the day-to-day security administration of a multi-user site, understand security issues and be able to implement security policies in an enterprise level multi-server environment. Please note the course is designed to impart technical understanding to the delegates and not to teach audit techniques, standards or remedial plans.

Course Content

UNIX and Linux Basics and Getting Help.
Understanding the UNIX Filesystem.
Useful Commands for Security Administrators.
Security and the different “flavours” of UNIX and Linux.
Controlling Access to the System (User and group management, types of access).
Controlling Access to the root account and other privileged services.
Controlling Access to Files and the Filesystem.
Dangerous Commands (and why they are sometimes needed).
Security Implications of Backing Up and Securing the System.
Monitoring Security Issues on the System.
Best Practice Procedures.

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